For the second studio assignment this semester students were asked to design a public pool in Moda, a waterfront district on the Anatolian side of the city. Moda has retained its residential urban character for years, due to its relatively secluded position within Kadıköy. Recently, the number of people from outside Moda who spend time in cafes, bars, restaurants, and parks of the neighborhood have dramatically increased, especially during the weekends. This popularity resulted in the raise in the number of businesses, but not necessarily in the number of public amenities. On the contrary, increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic strained the infrastructure and made locals’ life harder. It became vital to offer public amenities that primarily target the locals. There were three site options with different potentials for the students to choose from. They all are located around Moda Street, in close proximity with each other. One of the sites is situated in the existing building plot of Caferağa Sport Complex. The other one is in the vacant land adjacent to İstanbul Kadıköy High School. The last one is the site of the Koço Restaurant and its immediate surrounding area. Students were not given a definitive and common program for the building, except that their proposal had to include a semi-olympic swimming pool with necessary service areas. For the rest they were free to form their individual program proposal. The program proposal and their particular architectural position were to be based on the collective and individual analyses of the site, case studies on similar buildings and typological research on relevant precedents. Aside from the requirements of the semi-olympic swimming pool, students only had to comply with a restriction regarding the total built area of their proposals, which should be around 2700 m². For the final review students were asked to present the relevant outcomes of analyses, their specific architectural approach, program proposal, and the architectural drawings of the proposal in 1/200 detail.