Urban Fabric, Zeytinburnu

In the third year studio, architectural design is studied as an urban intervention. While in fall semesters the studio focus on a public building project set in a complex central urban context, in spring semesters the theme is the larger urban fabric. The semester begins with a study of examples of urban fabric. Equipped with some basic categories and tools to read a given built environment and relate it to larger urban contexts, students then focus on the given project sites, which are either at the periphery of the city or in transforming areas between the center and the periphery. Benefitting from a process of collective effort to analyze and understand the physical conditions of the given sites and the urban forces that operate on them as well as the selected case studies, students start to form their individual architectural positions. They develop a proposal consisting predominantly of residential use, and incorporating public facilities and retail. Working on the main ingredient of the city, residential use, the student projects are expected to be driven by an understanding of the urban condition beyond the specific site.