This predominantly practical course aims at providing students with the skills to think and design on various scales extending from architectural to urban and regional, in parallel with Architectural Design Studio –IV (ADS-IV). Accordingly, it is expected for students initially to have certain knowledge in the field of urbanism, and the course is supported by theoretical lectures based upon this purpose. Historical evolution of urbanization, social, economic and political dimensions of urban development, urban planning & urban design, urban form and morphology, land use and density, landscape, public space and urban transformation are some of the main issues of the course. Working between scales is a fundamental part of the course’s aim to position architecture within the urban context. In this scope, the course is reinforced by a set of in-class exercises and assignments that help students gain a “scale-sliding design experience”. As a final requirement, students will develop both contextual and spatial strategies at different scales in parallel with their ADS-IV projects.